The most important question is answered on our Why page but here are a few more we expect might come up:

Why give through 1% for Humanity instead of giving directly to a nonprofit of choice?

If you're already supporting other humanitarian work, we have no desire for you to discontinue such funding. Our mission is to increase committed humanitarian giving and provide a simple way to support a variety of project types in multiple communities on an ongoing basis. Joining 1% for Humanity also gives donors the opportunity to leverage their own commitment by contributing momentum to the overall movement which will draw in more donors. Pooling donations together to make larger grants also provides us the ability to designate funds towards specific partner programs instead of simply giving unrestricted general donations (as is common with smaller individual gifts).

How does the grant making process work?

All member donations received during a given month will be split equally between the current project campaigns (listed on our projects page) until total campaign goals are achieved and new campaigns are initiated. Grant checks will be issued from 1% for Humanity to each project partner on an approximate quarterly basis until the full campaign goal amount is granted.

How do you vet your partner organizations/projects?

We select nonprofit partners based on their capacity to help the poorest communities with intelligent, sustainable, and community-empowering strategies. While traditional charity-rating methodology does not necessarily offer a complete picture of a nonprofit's worthiness, we do use charity navigator ratings when available as one aspect of consideration. Most of all, we're seeking experienced nonprofits that are working in the most crisis-affected communities within a given area of focus.

Why do you only accept recurring donations on your joining page?

We're inviting you to join with us in a sustainable, consistent movement of giving. Hence, the focus on a "membership" program encouraging a small, regular commitment which many people can afford to maintain as a part of their regular budget. If you would like to make a one-time donation above and beyond your monthly commitment, please let us know and we will forward you a link to submit the extra donation.

If you give 100% of member donations away, how does 1% for Humanity fund itself?

1% for Humanity is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. As such, we rely upon seperate donations to our general fund to help support the continued development and implementation of our membership program. Our business members also pay an annual licensing fee that helps to support our overall program budget. If you would like to help support our efforts to inspire and promote humanitarian giving you can make a tax-deductible donation to our general fund here.

If you have additional questions, please contact us.