While we've included some introductory statistics about extreme poverty on our Why page, here are a few excellent resources for those interested in learning more about global poverty and economic development. Fact sheets detailing the specific focus and impact of our grants are also included on our projects page for your reference.

Recommended Reading:

The Life You Can Save
How to Do Your Part to End World Poverty
Peter Singer, 2010

Approachable, compelling, common-sense explanation of why people in affluent countries should donate money to fight global poverty.
Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger
Moving from Affluence to Generosity
Ronald J. Sider, 2005

Detailed yet practical exploration into global poverty, economic policy, aid and development - for readers within the faith-based Christian community.

Web Resources:

World Health Organization Data & Statistics Page

ONE.org - Issues Page

UNICEF Statistics

The World Bank - Data Page

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