Worldwide 16,000 children under the age of five die each day.

The vast majority of these deaths are preventable and directly related to absolute poverty.

1% for Humanity offers a simple way to support multiple qualified nonprofits fighting the worst forms of absolute poverty, through grants focused on the epicenters of poverty-related mortality and child-slavery. We continually support effective aid organizations that need more funding to save more lives and develop sustainable solutions alongside and within the communities that need it most.

Why 1% of income?

We're inviting you to join in a sustainable, committed movement of regular humanitarian giving. The 1% figure is a minimum standard that a large number of participants can afford to maintain as a regular part of their budget. We realize that many individuals give to other areas outside the focus of absolute poverty and would like to simply suggest that at least 1% should be donated to address these persisting global crises. While we believe absolute poverty and injustice are among the most urgent priorities in our world, we also recognize that this reality can easily be out-of-sight and out of mind when we're not experiencing it directly. Our hope is that many people will step into the 1% commitment as an entry-level giving commitment that acknowledges and seeks to address these issues. Of course, our members are welcome to and encouraged to give above and beyond the 1% commitment and many of them do so.

Why global causes?

While we encourage the support of local and domestic (U.S.) charities, our mission is to increase support for nonprofits addressing global issues of absolute poverty and injustice. 99% of child deaths worldwide (approx. 16,000 per day, under 5 years of age) occur outside of developed nations. That's 5.9 million child deaths per year and most of them are preventable.

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